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My mission is to heal the world with music. To take all that music does and turn it into the building blocks towards a brighter future. I hope one day I can build an empire whose sole purpose is to give back to the community and make a world where people stand up for each other and take care of each other.

Where people don’t go hungry and the sick are taken care of. Where people are heard, and even if not understood, not judged for being different. A world where our physical and mental health comes first and who we are as an individual not your economic status. A world where hard work is respected and people can earn an honest living. Where quality and love is more important than quantity and convenience.

I hope you will join me in my mission to make the world a better place with the power of music.


Bio: Just E!

This is my Story. I tell you transparently because I want to encourage people to always be there best self and to not hide the bad because without it there would be no good. To know your balance, your past, your vision is who you are in this moment.


Adopted at 3 months old. I grew up in a small town called East Moriches on long Island NY. I lived with a full house of people. My dad, mom, grandpa, and two older brothers. We were not your typical family but there was a lot of love in those times and a lot of family reunions! I was bullied in school a lot. After being held back in 1st grade the bullying turned to another note. The light skinned kids would tell me to go back to my own people and the dark-skinned kids didn’t think I was ‘black enough’.

I had a couple of close friends that got me through the day and my family life had such good energy no bully could ever bring me down for too long. When I turned 8 my father passed away. This was when I grew a little bit of a backbone.

I remember people telling me he died because I was an embarrassment and kids starting to steel my toys, this caused me to start standing up for myself a little. Never realized that wrestling two older brothers my entire life had its benefits, Ha. However, the little control of my school life didn’t compensate for my life at home that was spiraling out of control.


By the end of middle school I got thrown into a great depression. Many nights I spent in an empty house and for a long time I would use loud music, singing and dancing around the house as a distraction but as things got more stressful between me and my mom, I started getting kicked out and I began to cope with a blade until I got help.

This is when I realized that a lot of the negative things I’ve been told my entire life were not as true as I let myself believe them to be. I realized that what I was feeling was emotions and they were natural and something everybody goes through. When I went into high school tensions got really high at home so I was basically on the streets. Hopping from coach to coach, friend’s house to friend’s house, till I finally began dating someone three years older than me. At age 16 I became an emancipated minor and got an apartment. I worked till 1am at a Hess gas station around the corner from my high school with a sexist and racist boss and then got up and went to school at 7am everyday just to survive the 800$$ rent + cable and food. I was with that person for 3 years before we realized we were toxic for each other. 

just E!, bio, singer

A lot of ups and down in that time period but after working my butt off I was able to pay for prom, school year books, uniforms, etc. so I could walk with an advanced diploma and having the full high school experience. When I went into Suffolk Community College, I quickly realized it was a joke for me and prolonging me from getting to my goal so I dropped out and went to a trade school called Recording Engineers Institute. Here I became a certified Audio Engineer and realized how to pursue my passion. After graduating I moved in with family in Brooklyn where I was doing catering on the side to make money and was about to get a job with an up and coming radio station in the city when I got diagnosed with osteogenesis sarcoma. Within two weeks of the diagnosis I was in chemo and on June 19th 2017 I got the tumor removed from my arm. In January of 2018 I was officially cancer free and as of January 2020 I finally got my port removed as a final act of that chapter.


Now I am taking my engineering skills and diving into what I love, MUSIC! It has throughout all the hard times been the one thing to keep me strong and looking forward and I hope my music can speak to you and change your life the way other great artist have instilled hope and changed mine.

just E!, bio, singer

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